Online Feng Shui consultations

The advantages of online Feng Shui consultations

Feng Shui consultations can be done online providing that you have a laptop to guide me through your home (phones work as well if there is no other solution).

  • Online consultations are cheaper, you do not have to pay for travel time and accommodations.
  • You can get professional help wherever you live

    If you want an online Feng Shui consultation or any other online services, you can contact me at:

Feng Shui is the art and science of living in harmony with our environment. It is a system for arrangement and placement that originated in China and is now widely used to bring prosperity and balance in businesses and homes.
In our fast pace modern world, we are constantly submitted to negative stimuli. Our home, which should be a haven to relax and recharge is often a place where bad energies are at play. Even if we are not conscious of it, inappropriate placement of furniture, bad memories and residual energy in objects and space, clutter, colors, paintings, they all affect our well-being.
What you see everyday will reinforce patterns but if you change the setting, and basically that is what a Feng Shui consultant does, it will create new pathways and allow you to be more in charge, the creator of your life. It is like changing the settings in a computer program.
Each area of your home is related to an area in your life (relationship, money, health —). If one area in your home is blocked in term of energy, you will most likely experience difficulties in the corresponding area of your life. A Feng Shui consultant works with the energy of the space in relation to the energy of its occupants to determine areas of concern and activate places related to the client’s life. If you want to create balance in your home, improve your well-being and release blocks that prevent you to achieve what you want, a Feng Shui consultation will just do that for you.
Misconceptions about Feng Shui
I can do it myself. Well, Feng Shui works so you really need to know what you are doing. In a way, doing it on your own is like self-medication, it can have disastrous outcomes (I have seen it with clients who called me in a panic).
I will have to change the decoration of my home and the furniture. Feng Shui has nothing to do with decoration, we respect your taste and you will not have to change your furniture. You may need to remove certain things like a cracked mirror or to get rid of some clutter.
Feng Shui is all about moving furniture. Often moving furniture is not required in a consultation. A Feng Shui consultant reads the energy of the space using a large array of tools and solutions, does Chinese astrology readings and provides transcendental cures.
Feng Shui is costly. No more than buying a nice dress! And when you see the benefits you get from it and how your life improves, it is pretty cheap.
The Feng Shui consultant does it all. The professional you called for help will tell you what needs to be done but you have to act on it, be open and be willing to change and improve.

Feng Shui for pet owners
I do regular consultations, but my company specializes in Feng Shui for pet owners.
First of all, having a pet is good Feng Shui: it moves the Qi (life energy) in a place and brings a lot of emotional benefits to their owners.
People do not always realize that our animals are highly influenced by their environment: when exposed to bad settings and bad energies, they develop inappropriate behavior or illnesses. I do not work directly with your pets but advise on placement, colors and study the answers to a questionnaire that every pet owner receives prior to a Feng Shui consultation.

Why my clients come to me.
A lot of my clients come to me because they feel stuck in their life or in one area of their life, often they complain that things are not moving and when I see their floor plan and their home, in fact the energy is not flowing. The most common areas that they want to activate are relationships and money.
Others do need support when starting a new business or a new relationship or to help with a new home, whatever they just moved in or to choose a new place.
For pet owners, like others, they want a more harmonious and balanced life, but they have the well-being of their pet at heart and want them to be considered in a consultation. Some come to me because they are concerned with their pet behavior.
Beside Feng Shui consultations, I offer other services such as coaching and Chinese astrology reading. People usually come to me to know if that is a good timing to start a new endeavor or to find out what energies are at play for the year and what they need to do or to avoid to best realize their potential.

Feng Shui and Astrology

When it comes to Chinese astrology, most people are familiar with the Twelve Zodiac Animals. In Feng Shui, we use the Chinese zodiac and also the 9 Star Qi, which is an oldest form of astrology.

Like Feng Shui, The 9 Star Qi system is based on the dynamic between Yin and Yang and was developed from one of the oldest books in the world, the I Ching or Book of Changes. Beside the 9 stars, the energy of the universe present in your birth year, it features a nine-year cycle similar to the passing of the seasons from early spring to late winter. If Feng Shui is dealing with space, the 9 Star Qi is dealing with time. What was the star at the time you were born? What are your potentials? How do you relate to the other stars? Where are you within the nine-year cycle? Is it time to plan, to relax, to initiate changes? A Feng Shui consultant will use this Chinese astrology system to get insights about the energy of the clients and to optimize their space accordingly.

The Lo Shu or magic square 

Lo Shu magic square.docxEach star corresponds to a number, which is your primary number or profound nature. You calculate it by adding the numbers of your birth year, then subtract the sum from 11. All years begin on February 4th. For example, people born in 1998 (on or after February 4th) have the number 2. (1+9+9+8=27) (2+7=9) (11-9=2)

Each number is associated with an element (wood, water—), a color or colors in the same spectrum and a season. Roughly, your primary number (which is similar to the Sun sign in Western astrology) takes the qualities of the element. A 2 Black Earth person will be supportive, service-oriented, practical and detail oriented.

* All numbers and elements interact with each other in a supportive or controlling dynamic. Earth will be supported by Fire, drain by Metal, controlled by Wood and is controlling Water.

* Each year, all numbers are moving inside the square following the 9 Star path. This year is a year 9 (2+0+1+8= 11) (1+1+2) (11-2=9) so all 9 Purple Fire persons are in the house 5, which is the Tai Qi. It is a time of fluctuation and change while if you are a 6 White Metal person, this year you are in the house 2, which is a stagnant house and a great time to finalize your projects, get rid of everything that does not serve you anymore and take care of clutter in your house.

If you want to learn more about the 9 Star Qi astrology, I offer workshops and readings. If you want to know in what house you are this year and what kind of energy is at play, leave a comment below with your primary number.

Your pet is a Feng Shui master

All animals are very sensitive to their environment. While humans have evolved distancing themselves from nature, our companion animals are still in touch with the primeval instincts of their wilder ancestors who relied upon them to survive. All animals will naturally seek  harmony.


Cats are known to be attracted to bad energy and geopathic stress. They can detect these disturbance zones biologically. 

It is said that they absorb the negative energy whether it is from electric sources, radiation, sickness, disease, pain, residual energy or geopathic stress to help shield others from its harmful effects. Maybe that is why they do sleep so much! Poor things need to recover from processing for us.

Some as well say that they are able to convert this bad energy into more auspicious one. In any case, just by paying attention to your cat and the way it behaves in your home, you can pinpoint areas of bad energy and act on it since in a long run it can be harmful for your health as well as for the health of your pet.


Dogs are also capable of this biological honing device. However, unlike cats, they don’t absorb negative energy and they avoid staying around it. So if your dog does not like to stay in a certain area or behave in a strange way around a specific place, pay attention, chances are it is an area of bad energy.

Dogs are also sensitive to small variations of the magnetic field.

Among all the animals, they are the most empathic and like to give comfort to people when they are upset.

Energy and animal healing

In Feng Shui, we use the bagua to activate or fix areas in your home according to what you want to improve or change in your life, but we work also with energies.

Did you ever feel uneasy, uncomfortable or even bad at somebody else’s  place? The hosts are very nice, the furniture and the decoration seem perfect but ”there is something in the air”. It feels cold like nobody really lives here, or dense, kind of ”stuffy” so it is almost difficult to breathe. Or else, did you ever feel good upon entering a space, suddenly uplifted and at ease, more relaxed? Well, that’s energy. We often say that we have ” good or bad vibes” and in fact energy is a vibration.

Energies are at play all around us and between us all, they constantly inform us and trigger responses on our part. Though this process is mostly unconscious, we all feel energies to a certain extent.

Animals, on the other hand, are highly sensitive to energies. We all know somebody who is afraid of dogs: dogs do feel that fear, even from pretty far away, and they translate it as danger. And here goes this otherwise perfectly quiet and nice dog, barking like crazy or even attacking the fearful person. And of course, it reinforces the fear. It is pretty much a vicious circle as we attract what we fear most.

Being exposed to energies that are detrimental to us, will create stress and in the long term sickness. Our pets are also exposed to these negative energies, furthermore, in their unconditional love for us, they will try to process them and may become sick.

Cybeles, Feng Shui for pet owners, uses the Bagua and its relation to colors and parts of the body to help the healing process. See Request your free Feng Shui tips for your pet at . Mainly though, it works with the energies at play between pet and owner/s. What kind of signals are you sending on a regular basis to your pet? Note that there is nothing good or bad about it, it’s just is. What is important is to be aware of it: if you want to understand a behavior or change it, first you need to be conscious of it. Consciousness is the first step in the healing process. See Request your free questionnaire at to see where to look and start creating in consciousness instead of replaying the same old patterns.

If you live in New York city and are interested in learning more about energies and animal healing, the ”twins”, worldwide famous shamans from Peru, Dona Isabel and dona Olinda, are back to New York and are offering for the first time in the US an afternoon workshop on animal healing in Midtown Manhattan on October 8. They also offer private sessions for healing cats and dogs, though most of the sessions are already sold out. So act fast! Contact Olivia Olkowsky at: for detailed info and to register. An event not to be missed and one of its kind.

Sacred space

In Feng Shui as in a lot of shamanic traditions and cultures, it is important to create a sacred space. You can create a sacred space, for example, by making an altar to honor your ancestors or a specific altar in your meditation room or area.

But what about creating a sacred space for our pet(s)?

Cats in particular are extremely sensitive to the energies given off by different objects and the energies generated by different configurations of objects. They respond very well to the creation of beautiful, harmonious settings placed at their level. Placing small container plants close to the floor along with mirrors and sacred objects makes them very happy. They respond immediately to this kind of decorating in their behalf and therefore spend far less time of top of furniture. You  can create an altar for your cat decorated with fresh flowers (non poisonous), shells, rocks and a small statue or image of St Francis, patron of animals.

You can also place pictures of your pet or previous pets in the health and family areas: it honors them and brings health and harmony in your family. ​In Feng Shui, the family area of a room is located in the middle of the left side from the entrance door. The health area is located in the middle of the room. If you have a piece of furniture there such as a coffee table, you can place your pictures on it.

Share with us your comments and your experience with sacred space, I would love to hear about it!