Feng Shui consultation 

For a better life



Prior to consultation:    

  • Floor plan analysis and  dowsing
  • Questionnaire (about your pet) analysis
  • Chinese astrology analysis    
  • Phone call to set up your goals                        

Consultation: three hours on-site or via Skype. It may involve rearrangement of your space, clutter management, clearing of energy and cures.

Follow up: one phone call or via Skype      Contact




 You will get there!


  • Find out about your specific kind of energy, the energy of the year, your life path, your soul requirements with numerology, Chinese astrology, dowsing and cards from The Book of Life.
  • Be clear about your intentions and your goals. Not sure if what you plan to do is right for you? The I Ching (divination tool) can help find the answer and clarify the way.
  • Learn how to relax and release blocks through meditation.
  • Set intentions and open space for a better life with a Feng Shui consultation.
  • Get help and support in manifesting your intentions and goals after the consultation.   Contact


classes 2


Workshops and classes

Learn and grow

You can organize a talk event or a workshop at your store, business, home or in your community.


  • Basic Feng Shui for you and your pet(s).
  • Working with the bagua
  • Feng Shui and colors. Find out what is the right colors for you and how to apply it to your home.             Contact 



   Chinese Astrology reading

Let’s have fun!

You can add a fun and original  feature to any party or social event. Contact




Gift Cards
Love and share

You can give to a love one a gift card for any of the services. Contact