Feng Shui Consultations Services For Cat

Feng Shui Consultations For Cat

Home is a harmonious place, where you feel secure, safe and relaxed! At the same time, to be at home means more than just feeling easy; it is about feeling a flow of energy at a desired location where there is no obstruction from anyone unknown, just the comfort of your pet laying around, and the presence of close family members.

Having pets at home is a good feng shui, moreover their constant presence allows the procurement of energized and empowered ‘Qi’ for the related family members, who are more eloquent and vocal when in a safe environment, around pets and other relatives. Dogs and Cats both are different with their energy levels, and as an emerging trend, people nowadays are keeping pets, as family members. They understand the ‘positive flow of energy’ and the desired ‘feng shui’ that animals can bring at your personal offsetting!

Cats & Feng Shui – Feng Shui for Cat

Cats have the innate ability to sense, use and even move ‘Chi’ energy. Feng Shui with a cat can help you learn from your kitty; the ancient art of placement, that can help your well-being as well as hers. If you are still wondering whether your cat can help you get success, a good job, or at least get you involved romantically with a girl, you are just a wild guesser, while your kitty is on the job, already! There is a reason why Feng Shui consultations for cat and feng shui cat services resonate for you to keep a feline in company whenever and wherever you want to settle. Feng shui cat services in NYC educate the respective clients about how in Feng shui, everything is made of ‘Chi’ or energy, and cats have that ‘Chi’ in abundance.

By following your brat-cat around, you can notice the difference, where they feel comfortable at your residence, and where they aren’t so comfortable. Many animal communicators and feng shui experts agree, that indeed it is your cat’s way of demarcating negative and positive channels or the flow of energy from one place to the other, in your house. Using a bagua – is also a convenient and popular method to practice feng shui for cats in NYC, where a black-hat feng shui relies on a ‘chi road-map’ to naturally find and use ‘invisible energies’ and intent to create a balance and harmony at your home and at other places.

Wherever you and your cat move around inside your living space, your physical and emotional conditions and intents flavor your home’s natural energy pattern. You both set the energetic stage of your home and your relationships.