Feng Shui Animals Placement In The Home

Feng Shui For You and Your Cats and Dogs – Keeping Pets Good Feng Shui?

Are you into Feng Shui? Are you a pet owner alongside, to any cat, dog, fish, turtle or something out of the league, say a snake! If yes, you are in for some positive Feng Shui already.

What Is Feng Shui Anyway?
It is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone and everything, as per the surrounding environment. For starters, having any kind of pet is an excellent Feng Shui. Translated as ‘Wind Water’ in English, the Feng Shui is in practice since centuries, and is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, i.e. discussion of architecture and placement of things in metaphoric terms of “invisible forces” to bind the universe, earth and, humanity together, known as ‘qi’.

Positive Feng Shui from animals in home arises because of the owner’s capacity to care for something, or have something to care in the premises. Pets bring good Feng Shui therefore, as they are constantly circulating the good ‘qi/chi’ energy with their movement.

Bad Feng Shui can also cause problems both for the owner and the pet. Animals are very sensitive to their environment and bad placement or/and negative energies may be detrimental to their health. For the owner, blocked energy or ‘qi’ in their environment may provoke troubles or losses in certain areas of their life such as finance or relationships.

Though Feng Shui has a lot of applications, for pets one can use Bagua grid to understand how to place pets and their accessories in an orderly manner, and to understand where different areas are located in your home (relationship area, creativity area, children area etc.) When following the grid keep the below mentioned things in mind, and you are daunted to ensure positive feng shui from animals;

A – Position of Crates & Beds of your dogs should not be in commanding positions i.e. – the mouth of the ‘Qi’ referred to as places from where one can see the main entrance or the main gate.

B – Litter Boxes and Soiled Pads should never make it to the Wisdom area, an area for self-improvement and gaining knowledge

C – Activate the ‘Qi’ or energy your pet brings to your home, at certain places where you can place all his items like his scratchers, chew-bones, toys and other stuff

Lastly, keep everything clean, treat them well and never forget that they are pets and not humans. Do not fall into the trap of projecting your emotions on them, respect their fundamental nature, which is to be just animals. As such, they have so much to teach us, so let’s learn from them!