About Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui, literally ”Wind” and ”Water”, originated in ancient China as a sum of knowledge and wisdom used to find and build the most appropriate places for living and working. In the twentieth century, it was brought to the West by the venerable Feng Shui master, Professor Lin Yun. He adapted the philosophy to modern times, adding contemporary knowledge based on science and traditional shamanic teachings. Nowadays, Feng Shui is a practical art that aims to create balance and harmony by bringing people and their environment into the most positive relationship.

A Feng Shui practitioner works with the energy of the space in relation with the energy of its occupants  using directions and the Bagua to determine areas of concern and activate places related to the client’s life — such as relationships, health or money.

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Your space is considered a projection of your consciousness, and by working on it, you are able to release blocks and welcome something new.  Are you ready to change? Are you ready to bring something new into your life or to make life better for you and those around you?

What is essential in Feng Shui is the power of will and the ability to set clear intentions. The Coaching Service can help you set goals, depending on your kind of energy and where you are in life. It also offers support after the consultation. Services 

How does it work with your pet/s?

Well, they are part of your household, aren’t they? And you have their well-being at heart.

Animals are very sensitive to their environment: they can easily detect negative and positive energies in a space. Since our pets are in our care and depend on us, they naturally align to our energy field. They pick up our emotions and feelings and express them in the way they behave and in their personality.

Feng Shui does not work on your pet/s, it collects information about their behavior in the house and about their relationship with their owner/s.

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